• We are a family run group with 55 years of Forestry and Plantation growing experience.
  • This has included almost all Forestry related areas.
  • We have spent vast amounts of time on Research & Development ascertaining the best trees to be grown, under what conditions and where?
  • To date we have grown over Three Million, five hundred and sixty thousand rain Forest Trees and been Directly or indirectly through other farmers planting of over Twenty Million more.
  • I was born and raised on a Tree Plantation. When I left high school I managed this tree plantation for  10 years. This involved growing trees in a nursery, planting them out, keeping the weeds down during their growth, replanting where any died, engaging scientists to analyse why certain trees that we had planted had died, and bringing them to 100 feet high in only 10-15 years. Prior to planting them out an associated family Forestry company cleared all the trees from an area of Virgin Forest.

Here’s what I’ve done

Achieved a trade in Building and Construction, and a Diploma in Building & Construction and I.T.

I have worked in Forestry, Construction and Infrastructure Projects up to $45 billion at Advanced Project Managers P/L and several other companies.

Then I went into  Computing, Project Management, Contracts and Procurement, Forestry Management with qualifications gained at TAFES and Universities in Australia

I have managed a Cocoa, Coconut and Forestry Company growing rain Forest Trees, Cocoa and Coconut trees and processing trees sustainably for the Construction Industries (a renewable resource).

Here I am today again Project Managing Forestry Operations to assist  or make good changes in Climate Change. Fifty five years of Forestry Plantation Projects from family companies that specialised in plantation forestry and rainforest trees.