• Did you know that in 1986 fire and an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Reactor caused massive devastation and affected the weather worldwide with many countries, especially in Europe affected by the nuclear fallout from the clouds that ensued?
  • Did you know that 19 years after the disaster in the Ukraine researches have surveyed the area and the ecosystems are bouncing back with more biodiversity than before the disaster?
  • The evacuated area which covers 4,000 square kilometers in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia now supports 100 species on the IUCN Red List of threatened species and around 40 of these which include bears and wolves were not seen there before the accident.
  • Due to the major radioactive elements staying in the soil contamination of the human food chain by radioactivity from the Chernobyl disaster is believed to not be as severe as was feared.
  • While it is now possible to visit the area on holidays it will be many hundreds of millennia before humans could safely move back permanently.
  • Have you also had experiences or seen where mother nature has bounced back?

Our own tree plantations also showed us how Nature bounces back!

  • During the first 8 years before the rain forest trees grew up all the little streams and waterways dried up and all the flora and fauna went away. At the end of 8 years the rain was three times stronger, came almost every day and all the flora and fauna returned showing how quickly nature and Global Climate change, Global warming and the ozone layer can be changed for the better very rapidly. Within ten years, there were new streams and creeks in places where there never had been before.
  • Below is link to a story that is fiction that is very close to what happened with our Rain Forest Plantations.
  • They say there is nothing stranger than the Truth. There is a beautiful story on the Internet that you can Google and read called “The Man who Planted Trees,- by Jean Giono. The results in this story, where after a forest of trees is grown, the whole ecosystem re-generates mimic our actual experiences of Mother Nature being able to recover given the right opportunities.